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How We Are Making Summer School Safe For Your Children

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

2020 has got off to a rocky start and it has been a very strange time for our children. Their education and their childhood experiences have been very much interrupted and it can be hard to help a young mind understand everything that is going on.

Children have missed out on so much key time in their development and we are well aware that whilst doing school work online and at home was a novelty to start with, it's swiftly wearing off! Working alone and behind a screen cannot ever compensate for the important face-to-face interaction that so many are missing right now. Our classes at ACTAcademy are always energetic, active and develop teamwork, cooperation and communication skills. Children and young people learn how to interact, give feedback, encourage one another and cooperate on tasks. These skills just aren't there in an online space.

Participating in the arts; dance, music, drama, singing, film-making is many people's outlet. Without it, we are lost, de-motivated and our well-being is greatly affected by not having these creative opportunities in our lives right now.

The chance to develop these key social and expressive skills is hard when you see the same select people every day. Keeping motivated and curious when you are limited to where you can go and what you can do is stifling. Feeling comfortable around other people and building confidence is impossible when stuck at home. As for keeping creative, it can be hard to find inspiration when you are being exposed to the same experiences every day.

Here at ACTAcademy, we all know just how magically developmental and wonderfully inspiring being involved in the creative and expressive arts are.

We passionately believe that children now need the vital opportunity to be fully immersed in an arts curriculum that nurtures their well-being and encourages confidence and friendships. Summer at ACTAcademy is going to be a fantastic opportunity to grab some of that missed time back; to experience some of those social and cooperative learning moments, before they embark on a new way of life in the classroom come September.

What can we do to help?

This year, we are running our ACTAcademy Summer School weeks in July and up to the end of August to give children the chance to claim back some time learning and growing and develop important life skills, so they don't feel left behind and are given that boost of self-confidence, ready for a return to school.

It is unlikely that families will be able to go on holiday this year, and some parents may struggle for childcare once they are forced to return to work with the pandemic restrictions still in place, so we are offering an opportunity for your children to have a lot of fun and develop socially and educationally in a safe, supportive environment.

How we will keep your child safe...

We are proud to say that we are the only Ofsted-registered full-time private educational setting in Harrogate. What does this really mean for you? It means we are incredibly professional and governed by strict legal and statutory requirements when it comes to the safety, education and care of your children. Our curriculum is robust and enriching, our staff are all trained, DBS checked professionals and we are so proud to have our own exclusive studios in the heart of Harrogate town centre. We don't 'pop-up' in a school hall, we run as a school runs, following the same policies and this means that we have complete control over who is coming through our doors. This is how we keep your children safe as we don't share our space with anybody else.

Our studio spaces are spread out over three floors in our modern, fully equipped building, and provide plenty of space for your children to learn, grow and get creative with plenty of room to use.

To limit the number of people entering our building at once, start and finish times for the day will be staggered so that there are fewer parents in the vicinity too, and children's temperatures will be checked upon entry, as they are in our specialist early years department, with a non-contact thermometer that we are calling the 'super-hero zapper' which will also magically reveal a super-positive thing about your child each time they arrive!

How classes will work...

Class sizes will be kept to a minimum, following the government's Dfe guidelines and PHE advice. Classes will not mingle with other classes and will have their own dedicated expert teachers to lead them through the week of activities and fun!

Social distancing measures will be taken into account when lesson planning, but children will not be made to feel distant or isolated within our workshops. There are plenty of ways to teach children how to communicate and work as a team without being too 'hands-on!'

We have undertaken a full risk-response policy and assessment to Covid-19 that is on display in our reception area, or we can provide a copy if you wish.

What can your kids look forward to at ACTAcademy Summer School?

Children can look forward to a week of fun, creativity and an inspirational programme of activity, where no day is the same! Our passionate teachers will lead your children on an adventure of discovery, development and joy over the course of the week, with the expressive, performing and creative arts at the core of our training. However, that does not mean that your little one has to be a performer to join in. Our Summer School is suitable for any child with any interests or hobbies; there is no performance pressure at all!

If your child is specifically looking for a week dedicated to developing their performance skills, check out our West End Week 2020!

Every week's activities will be different, but some of the things that your child can look forward to include: arts and crafts, singing, dancing, drama games, sports skills, exploring the outdoors (weather dependant) and learning all about our beautiful world. No day is repeated or ordinary at ACTAcademy, so rest assured if you book on for multiple weeks your child will not do the same thing twice and will have fantastically rewarding experiences throughout summer.

You do not need to be an ACTAcademy Stage School student to attend our Summer School; everyone is welcome! Our Creative Summer Schools are recommended for children currently at Primary School and our West End Week caters for those older too.

How can I book a place on the ACTAcademy Summer Schools?

Places are strictly limited, even more so than usual this year, due to smaller class sizes to fit within the government's educational guidelines so when we say 'book soon to avoid disappointment', we absolutely mean it!

Head over to the Holidays section of our ACTAcademy website ( or drop us an email at to book your child's place.

ACTAcademy Summer School runs from the 13th of July all the way up to the end of August and every week's activities will be diverse and stimulating, so your child will be in for a treat whichever weeks they choose to attend!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. The Stage School office is open 10.30-2.30 every day or you can email us on

Please note that if the current situation means the government U-turn and say we cannot open our doors, for any Covid-19 related reason, you will be fully refunded your Summer School cost immediately, as per our terms and conditions.

We can't wait to inject oodles of fun and laughter, a sprinkling of imagination and a splash of creativity into your child's life and we look forward to seeing them in our beautiful training studios soon!

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