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Should My Child Be Taking LAMDA Exams?

Training in the Performing Arts is one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can give a child. It allows them the opportunity to explore and develop their confidence, creativity, communication skills and talents in a fun-filled environment.

So why take the step from turning this fun-filled hobby into an exam situation?

What Is LAMDA?

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is the UK's oldest drama school, renowned all over the world for its excellent drama training. Benedict Cumberbatch recently became President of LAMDA, over 10 years after graduating the school's Classical Acting course.

LAMDA holds the highest of standards in their acting training and this extends to their practical examinations that can be taken all over the U.K in various locations. We are very proud at ACTAcademy UK in Harrogate to be a LAMDA Training Centre.

LAMDA offer learners the chance to participate in examinations throughout the year in a variety of group and solo performance projects. These vary from Acting, to Devising, to Musical Theatre, to speaking Verse and Prose, just to name a few.

What Does My Child Gain From Taking LAMDA Exams?

So, what does your child gain from taking LAMDA exams? Are they high pressured? Are they necessary? Will they enrich your child's life?

Well there are many things that your child can gain from undertaking LAMDA examinations, but here are a few points that we have learnt from over 20 years of experience in leading and undertaking these exams...

If your child is passionate about performing and is keen to progress to a career in the arts then LAMDA qualifications are a fantastic addition to your budding resume. Not only do LAMDA qualifications hold UCAS points, but they also demonstrate that your child is a hard-worker and is willing to partake in additional learning and training to better themselves. Putting yourself out there to demonstrate what you can do is a great character trait to possess and can help you stand out amongst the crowd of applications to professional conservatoires.

You learn that exams can be fun!

LAMDA exams are not exams where you sit at a desk and write an essay, they are practical exams, often including a discussion at the end. Results are based on your practical skills, allowing everyone to excel, regardless of whether you are good at writing an essay or not.

There is a clear progression route, which gives learners something to aspire to and goals to achieve. The exams are by no means easy! It is not easy to get good results, so when you see students getting Distinctions and other high grades, you know that you have earned it.

All exams are assessed by an external examiner, giving your work a chance to be seen by a set of professional eyes. Your results come with feedback, allowing you a chance to reflect on what you did well and what requires further development for next time. If you want to re-take a grade, you always have that option or you can head onto the next challenge by moving up a grade.

There is such a wide variety of exams you can take that you can never get bored. There are so many forms of theatre and performance to explore and you can allow yourself to be assessed on what is your passion and within your comfort zone, or on a subject that you long for a challenge in.

By partaking in Group LAMDA exams you get to truly feel like a part of a team where everyone is equally important. You rely on each other to get the highest grade possible, and you have the chance to get a taste of what it's like to be in a cast. Everybody is equally important and has something to contribute.

You can't partake in these exams at school; they are totally external. The formal setting allows learners to develop respect for their critics and develop a resilience to getting constructive feedback on something they have worked hard on – a resilience and work ethic that will help learners as they move through life.

If your child is interested in undertaking LAMDA exams, get in touch with us at ACTAcademy UK in Harrogate. We are proud to be a LAMDA Training Centre and our students undertake exams throughout the year.

Head over to our website or email us at to enquire about our next LAMDA projects.

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