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The Early Years

Creating a Special Spark! Igniting a Passion for Life!

Little Stars Performing Arts Weekly Classes
Ages 3 - 5 years

If you're looking for a fun and fizzy burst of a weekly class, come along to our stage school and join in the Little Stars fun! Little Stars is a fabulously creative, fun-filled class for pre-schoolers from 3–5 years it encompasses so many of the performing and creative arts! We're sure Little Stars will become the highlight of your little one's week!

ACTAcademy Little Stars Classes are the perfect introduction to our amazingly wode curriculum and our fantastic theatre school premises. Classes are active, interactive and give young children magical early experiences to develop their musicality, communication skills, dance ability, imagination and confidence.


At Little Stars you can expect drama, interactive story-telling, creating characters through dress up and role-play, singing, poetry, music-making, props, puppets, crafty bits, games and activities to educate, inspire and celebrate your little one's unique creative abilities.


Come and see our unique, magical, creative pre-school for ages 2-5 yrs.

We are open 8am - 6pm and offer an incredible arts-inspired curriculum, unrivalled facilities and the most special early years preparation for big school. Pupils participate in a daily dance class, speech and drama workshop, music-making, singing, art and so much more! There's really no where like Performatots - come and see for yourself! 

Ages 2-5 yrs

Classes are structured to challenge, excite and engage the different age ranges, whilst innately building creativity, imagination and social skills. 

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager

Tess Andersen

Art Director

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

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