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ACTAcademy UK


ACTAcademy UK was established in the spa town of Harrogate in 2007, previously 842 Artz, established in 2001 and is now the area's largest and only fully Ofsted Registered Theatre & TV Training School.

ACTAcademy UK Theatre School is a wonderfully welcoming, vibrant and forward-thinking place to learn the art of performance. Our fabulous team are dedicated and driven to providing the best possible experiences, tuition and opportunities for all our students, whom we treat as unique and valuable.


Whether you are looking for a fun hobby for yourself or your child (and in our opinion, this is simply one of the absolute best!) or a potential career in the performance industry, making the decision of where to train is a very important one.

Our professional training school specialises in providing Triple Threat Training (Drama, Singing and Dance) through weekly, after school, or weekend workshops. The arts curriculum on offer is so far-reaching and pupils have the chance to try so many of the creative arts and expressive arts subjects within the three main areas of tuition.

ACTAcademy also prides itself on being fully Ofsted registered, which gives you peace of mind that rigorous safeguarding, a valuable curriculum and protection of our pupils is in place at our stage school.

There are no false promises of stardom here at ACTAcademy. We simply train pupils for the industry and give them the tools to thrive if they wish and if not, the training here is one where the skills learnt and practised are so transferable and will see pupils go on to success in many career options.


At ACTAcademy the focus is on giving young people a fabulously fun taste of the industry, with grounding experiences of creating exceptional performance projects that enthuse and inspire their hearts and minds and develop real skills and knowledge.


We train professionally and perform in a way that gives all our pupils a fantastic work ethic, a natural desire to persevere, self-motivation, self-confidence, resilience, ambition and tenacity.


Personal achievement and progress are rewarded every step of the way and effort is more important that natural talent at ACTAcademy because our mantra is 'Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard!'


We believe children and young people benefit far more from opportunities that put them at the centre of the production process, where they learn many different aspects of training and performing in theatre, film and television. 


Our educational, inspirational ethos and passion for what we do is evident in our thriving performing arts centre buildings, our bright, energetic, committed pupils and our visionary, highly experienced staff team


We are delighted to offer our unique training in our very own fantastic dance and drama centre, with superb rehearsal spaces, resources and studio facilities with industry-standard equipment for professional stage and screen training.

At ACTAcademy, we firmly believe that a teacher should be trained as a teacher and not only be excellent at their craft as a performer. Regardless of the performance exposure they have had, how to effectively teach children and young people in itself is a specialist subject that should be valued highly - and here, it is. There is no high turnover of staff, the same teachers will teach your child each week, sometimes for years if you're lucky, as they really get to know them and their personal journey. All staff are DBS checked, fully insured, trained in teaching techniques and absolute masters of their specialism. There is also always a paediatric first aider on the premises at all times.


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