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Stage 3 Triple Threat Training (TTT) is for those at secondary school age, from Year 7 - Year 11. At ACTAcademy UK Stage 3 you will meet once a week to train for 2 hours in all aspects of performing arts. At this level, if you want to be a successful performer, you must be a well-rounded performer, able to do lots of different things. At Stage 3, we help you become just that.


You will be covering many elements of drama, theatre, acting for screen and stage, dance, movement and singing. You will try things such as streetdance, devised theatre, stage combat, improvisation, contemporary vocal techniques, musical theatre, acting methods and choreography, to name a few.


At Stage 3 you can choose to take a 2-hour class in Triple Threat training, or you can instead begin to specialise in drama and acting alone by taking the Drama and Production class. It's entirely up to you and what you would like to learn, but if you would like some guidance, just get in touch. The classes run like this:


1 hour Musical Theatre Training (Singing and Dance)

1 hour Acting and Theatre Training


1 hour Acting and Theatre Training

1 hour Production Class (Directing, Producing, Writing, Design, Arts Administration, Film/TV etc)


If you are studying GCSE, A Level or BTEC performing arts, these classes will show future employers your ability to commit and dedicate yourself outside of school to a specialist, practical training. This looks great on your record of achievement, and we have strong links with the top colleges and drama schools in the U.K. 


Students at Stage 3 and 4 undertake group LAMDA exams at the higher grades and many performance opportunities throughout the year - recently we made a feature-length film that was screened at the Odeon Cinema, hosted a spoken word night with special guests and performed at York Theatre Royal as part of National Connections Festival in partnership with the National Theatre in London.

Looking for the highest level of challenge?

Already thinking Performing Arts is an option for your future?


Why not audition for one of our Gifted and TALENTED Programmes?


Our past pupils are working all over the world. We have ex-students professionally working abroad and in this country in the performing arts industry. We have students that are working in various roles, including as a stand up comedian, touring in Musical Theatre productions, Disney contracts, Theatre In Education tours, Applied Theatre Companies, those that have set up their own contemporary and classical theatre companies, in soaps, in pantomimes, some are coaching actors and directing youth theatres, working as holiday entertainment professionals, performing around the world on cruise ships, and also many have been/are currently studying at top drama schools and the best universities for creative arts.


 We are so proud of each and every one of them.


The Gifted and TALENTED Classes are an additional weekly class of just over an hour at Stage 3, and once you are a minimum age of 14, you can audition for our Pre-Professional Training Class, which is a weekly commitment of 2-hours a week.


Not sure? Call us or email us for some advice on what would be best suited to you.

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