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'' I have been with ACTAcademy now for 8 years and I can honestly say that within that time it has completely transformed me as a performer, creator, and person. ACTAcademy gives its pupils the absolute highest standards of teaching, most amazing state of the art studios to train/perform in & numerous chances to pursue incredible & truly unique opportunities to excel in the performing arts. The variety of what we do at ACTAcademy is endless - ranging all the way from working with scripts to devising our own pieces of theatre. From learning dance routines & experimenting with movement to choreographing our own. Even creating our own film treatments to later both perform in and direct and so so much more! The list is endless & everyone is given a voice. I have never come across any drama school or institution like ACTAcademy & I'm grateful every day for being able to be a part of something so special! All I can say is thank you to the set of most inspirational teachers anyone could ask for. I can't recommend the school highly enough!'' - Estela

Past Pupil Stories

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