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Summer School Important Information

Please find below all the information you need to ensure you are prepared and ready for your ACTAcademy Summer School week! We are excited to welcome you through the doors, give you some fabulous summer memories and build your skills and friendships! Don't worry if you've never been to our arts centre before, or you don't know anyone - we are a super friendly team and by the end of the first day you will feel much more confident and excited for the week ahead.

Happy Kids Huddle

What to Expect

There is a clear routine to our days on summer camps. We meet each morning in our Team Pow-Wow Time, which is where we plan to enrich our growth mind-set with fun challenges and reflections as a group.

We then head off into Activity & Adventure Time, rotating round the different rooms and studios to participate in a wide variety of creative and expressive activities.


For performance based camps, the rehearsals start in earnest from day 1, so there is more structure and pressure to classes in the day.


We will be taking part in drama and acting class, arts and crafts workshop, design tasks, dance and team sports and lots of creative leadership opportunities along the way too.

We break for lunch at 12.30 and usually if the weather is good, we carefully walk round to the stray, just a few minutes from our school, to have our packed lunches and some outdoor time on the big field, which is super fun.

Afternoons are spent on our themed timetable, once again rotating around in our main group.


We always finish with Closing Circle, where we recap our day and reflect, finishing with a moment of mindfulness, yoga or some team circle games.

At the end of each week, we have a ACTA Celebration Ceremony (Acknowledgement of your Creative Talent in the Arts) where we acknowledge your child’s achievements and award our Summer School Certificates.

If your camp results in a show (Musical Theatre or Popstar Power Camp) the details of this performance will be given to you on the Monday when you first attend but the show will be on the Friday at 3.30pm.


Children with Mobile Phones


Emergency Contact Details

When you registered for your child’s place on Summer Camp, you provided contact details in an emergency. If anything has changed do let us know.

All our Summer Camp Directors are Paediatric First Aid Trained.

Personal Tech-Free Zone

We work hard to create a tech-free zone for our summer campers, so they can relax, fully immerse themselves in the real world, make connections and interact with new friends in confidence!


If your child has a mobile phone or watch that connects to the internet or phone, please don't wear these or bring them switched off until the end of camp.


Our Emergency Contact Details

Our Emergency Contact Number if you can’t get hold of anyone in the school office will be: 07916271495

Lastly, if you have any other queries, we are all here to help during the week, on email or if you want to call the school office on 01423 819207 we can direct you to the right person for your query.

We can’t wait to meet you soon and embark on a summer to remember forever!

Art Class

Wraparound Care

Before and After School Club is available, you will need to book in advance of the start of camp.

Once booked in, we will be expecting you to be early for Breakfast Club from 8.15am onwards or After Summer School Club where pick-up is between 3.15pm - 4.15pm. 


Its £30 for the full week for Breakfast Club and £30 for the full week for After School Club. 

If you forgot to book this when you registered, please email us to arrange this on

Luggage Bag

What to Bring With You

Please bring a pair of cleaned-down trainers, plimsolls or jazz shoes if you have them to change into, once inside our centre. Please don't wear your indoor shoes outdoors! Outdoor shoes should be suitable for outdoor activities.

If you think there is a possibility that your child may have an accident, please bring spare leggings or joggers and pants in your bag if appropriate.

Please bring a sunhat and ensure you have applied an all-day suncream before attending to ensure you are safe in the sun if we do activities outdoors.

Please also bring some pennies for Tuck Shop Time! This is a highlight of pupils weeks as they are given autonomy to purchase a snack from the Summer Camp Tuck Shop once in the morning and once in the afternoon at breaks. Items include a fruit bowl, sweet treats, baked goods eg. Flapjacks/croissants, crisps/savoury snacks and fruit juice cartons. Items are 50p each and pupils can choose a maximum of 2 items each breaktime.


You don't have to bring in any pennies, but we would encourage you to do so, as it really is a lovely time to learn about money values and making own choices.

Family Fun

Drop Off & Pick Up

You will find our venue off Knaresborough Road (Northern Performance Academy) We are on Anchor Road, HG1 4TA. Drive down Anchor Road and follow it round to the right - you'll find us in the cul-de-sac right at the end.


We do have a car park, but it will be very busy at pick up and drop off times, so we do recommend walking, cycling or if you can find a parking spot that is on a nearby street and walk in, that will help to ease any congestion or bottleneck effect at these peak times. 

Doors will open 5 minutes prior to the start time of each camp, however on the first day, we will open 15 minutes before the start time for drop off.

Pick up points will be clearly signposted at the end of the day.

Where Do I Pick Up From?

Pick up time is busy. We have to make sure we see parents at the end of the day, before we hand over your child and be sure that your child recognises you as their parent. If you are collecting other children or wanting your child to go with another parent you will need to inform us at drop off or this process could delay your pick up time.


If there are any doubts about this, we will ask for your parent password at collection and confirm your identity through the details we have on file. Please don't be offended if we do this it is part of our safeguarding policy.


To make this process as easy as possible, we don’t use part of our car park at pick up time, so again, we recommend you park on a nearby street and walk on to site to collect. All children need to register with their Team Leader OUT of the building, as well as IN to camp, so please ensure you identify yourself at pick up and register your child OUT at the end of the day.


Pick up time is 3.15pm and children will be ready from 3.10pm to collect from their pick up point. 

Running Children

What To Wear

Wear something with lots of stretchability and something you feel comfortable in.


Joggers, shorts or leggings work really well. Jeans, tights, skirts and tight-fitting material that doesn't allow stretch doesn’t work well!

Please bring some suitable indoor shoes; jazz shoes, plimsolls/pumps or cleaned down trainers. We don’t allow outdoor shoes past a certain point in our studios, so you will need to bring some suitable shoes for inside and not wear them outside at all.

Foiling a Sandwich

Food and Drink

Please bring a healthy and NUT-FREE packed lunch with you in an easy to carry bag such as a rucksack. We tend to have lunch on the stray, so being able to carry your lunch and drink out easily with you will be helpful.

Please also bring a named water bottle with you. Only water is allowed into our dance and drama studios, so please don't put juices into this. We have hydration stations to refill water bottles in school. You can always pop a carton of juice into your packed lunches to have at lunch time if you wish.

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