We have a strict uniform policy in place for all students of Triple Threat Training Workshops and ACTAcademy Additionals Classes.


Correct uniform and footwear is important to aid the health and safety of pupils, tutor's ability to direct / correct easily, and ease of movement in our practical lessons.


Our uniform policy also ensures our pupils take pride in their appearance and feel part of our school's smart outer identity

No 'customising' of the uniform is allowed


Yellow slips may be sent home if a student is consistently not dressed appropriatel for their classes.



  • Correct footwear is required and must never be worn outside.

  • No outdoor footwear is allowed up the stairs in the studios, students will always need to change their shoes downstairs in the foyer.



  • Hair should be clipped and tied back off the face, ideally in a bun.

  • All pupils may choose to wear light make up for their classes, but this is only really needed for examinations and shows.

What should I be wearing for my classes?

Logo uniform items can be ordered from reception.

ACTAcademy Polo Shirts From £14.99

ACTAcademy Joggers From £18.99

Please note that once a student reaches ACTAcademy Upper School (Year 7 and upwards) and upwards, we expect a degree of personal responsibility from our students, for ensuring they are organised and prepared for their training independently. Therefore, unfortunately if students are not in correct uniform, it will be at the discretion of the tutors as to whether they can participate in the lesson, or if they are to observe only. We aim to promote professionalism in our students; it is bad practice to turn up for an audition or a job without suitable kit or correct footwear. And, at Drama School once you are 18, it is an absolute no-no to be late or disorganised with your kit.We want our young performers to get into good habits early on!

ACTAcademy UK Training Uniform

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Red Embroidered Polo Shirt

Black joggers/ leggings (ACTAcademy logo or plain)

Red Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt (optional outerwear)

Red Leg Warmers (compulsory for girls, optional for boys)

Black Jazz Shoes (At Stage 1 only, plimsolls are acceptable footwear.)

(ACTAcademy approved tutu's and leotards (available to order in reception) may be worn for training class in Stage 1 and Stage 2 )


Gifted and Talented Programmes - Upper School

Gifted and TALENTED Seniors

Gifted and TALENTED Elite

Black Embroidered Polo Shirt

Red Leotard (Girls Only)

ACTAcademy UK Character Skirt (Girls Only)

Black joggers/ leggings (ACTAcademy logo or plain)

Black Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt (optional outerwear)

Red Leg Warmers (compulsory for girls, optional for boys)

Black Jazz Shoes, Black Character Shoes & Black Tap Shoes