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Heart Confetti

Share the Love!

What does LOVE mean to you?

Let's share the love this Valentine's Day!

Upload a photo or video below explaining what love means to you and be entered into our random prize draw!


Love is subjective to everyone. Love might be performing on a stage in front of an audience, singing your heart out, or it might be enjoying Sunday dinner with all your family around. It could be the beauty of a Daffodil blooming in the spring or it could be cuddling your pet at the end of a long day of homeschooling.

Whatever LOVE means to you, we want to see it!


Upload your best photo or video to the gallery below showing us what YOU love for a chance to win!

(Don't forget to state your first name and ACTAcademy group when you enter.)

Heart Confetti
Love Yourself

The winner will be selected at random on Valentine's Day!

Thanks for your entry and good luck in the random prize draw!

Take a look through the gallery and see other people's submissions - you can even vote for your favourites!

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