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ACTAcademy UK GIFTED & TALENTED Programmes

Ages 14-19




ACTAcademy UK

Gifted & Talented Programmes



ACTAcademy UK offers two Gifted and Talented programmes for 13 to 20-year-olds. These are our top two levels of programmes:






All students train for 2 hours minimum a week and ELITE students must either have a private lesson of 30 mins a week and/ or attend an ACTAcademy ADDITIONALS class of the Principal's choice.   


For those who really want to pursue performing arts as a job or further education opportunities in the future, our TALENTED training programmes will give your child the best chance possible. Entry to these training programmes is via audition only and cater specifically for those who are showing particular passion, gifts and talents in the performing arts (musical theatre and acting).


These programmes are assessed regularly to track student's progress. Of course, this type of intense training won't be for everyone, and that is where our TTT training classes are perfect.


Our aim is to provide an option for those who want to take their performing arts training seriously and to provide a training option for young people to work alongside peers with the same interest in becoming the best performer possible; committed to progressing and developing at a fast pace with unrivalled performance experiences.


These classes require an above-average level of commitment and dedication from students and will culminate in a more intense and more theoretical learning experience, so it is very important that this is something that motivates both supportive parents and young people. 


Students can continue to work on their skills in Stage 3 until they feel ready to audition for TALENTED SENIORS or TALENTED ELITE. If you would like to audition for TALENTED, please contact us for an audition date. As spaces are strictly limited, we advise that you do this as soon as you are interested.


We look forward to hearing from you and would love to see your talents in the audition room. It's not a scary thing to do - we're very friendly and we WANT you to succeed. If you aren't offered a place at this level, we will give you constructive feedback and some other options to take your training further.

ACTAcademy UK is a specialist Performing Arts School, producing the next generation of performers, directors, choreographers, creators and coaches of the future. This is what we do every single day. And we know we do it in the very best ways possible.


Our Gifted and TALENTED programmes are for those students showing a  real interest in training to be one of the very best young performers in the country.


At ACTAcademy, we are proud to be the first and only school in the area offering a Triple Threat Training at this level of intensity and challenge.

Private tuition really complements ACTAcademy UK TTT workshops and can greatly enhance a student's learning experience, perhaps helping them prepare to audition for TALENTED later down the line.


Private tuition also enables students to achieve solo internationally recognised qualifications from LAMDA and Trinity Guildhall in Musical Theatre and/or Acting.


At Grades 6,7 and 8, these examinations accrue valuable University UCAS points and look great on a Young CV and Record of Achievement. Private tuition at ACTAcademy UK is a real investment in your future, and paying for this private education is definitely worth it.


Private lessons can be provided in singing, musical theatre, acting, audition technique and presentation and communication skills.


'Alice In Theatreland'



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