Our Casting Directory offers more opportunities for selected students; we have exciting relationships with local production companies in theatre & television and casting directors.


Pupils from ACTAcademy have the opportunity to audition to be selected for representation with ACTAcasting, and following selection will need to undertake additional regular training to ensure they are confident in an audition room and are equipped to work professionally at such a young age.


Applying to be represented on the ACTAcasting books does mean making a huge time commitment to travelling all over the country to auditions, and creating a professional portfolio, including headshots. This is a big family decision and our Principal will provide you with the facts and the information you need to make the decision whether to go down this route or not.


Applicants who wish to pursue work as young people also need a very high level of skill and technique, be reliable, maintain a professional attitude, have a bubbly personality and super-confidence when being given direction/auditioning. If chosen to tour, they will need to be independent, resilient and able to be away from home for long periods, often missing regular schooling. 


Please remember that representation is never a guarantee of work and 20% commission is taken upon securing a professional contract through ACTAcasting.

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