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'A truly exceptional, independent performing arts school'

ACTAcademy UK

ACTAcademy UK in Harrogate has been around for over 12 years now and while we continue to go from strength to strength, the most important thing to us is that our students and our families are happy. When you join ACTAcademy, you don't just join a stage scool, you join a family.


We are so proud to have students who begin their training with us at 4-years-old and stay with us throughout their performing journey as they head on to adult life and further professional training in the arts. We have students who not only go on to top drama schools but also students who go on to have successful careers as doctors, lawyers, event co-ordinators and teachers, to name a few. The skills we teach here are skills for life, not just for the stage.


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Word Of Mouth



What Do Our Students and Families Have to Say? 
Our lovely testimonials are taken directly from genuine parents or students from social media.
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Not only has ACTAcademy allowed me to develop my performance skills, it has helped me with everyday skills such as communication, confidence and organisation which I have been able to use in achieving my dream career (nothing to do with the performance industry) I made friends for life through ACTAcademy and the team are all so friendly and supportive!


              - Georgia Featherstone

My daughter Kasey has been going to ACTAcademy now for more than 6 years- she loves it, doing different shows every year

( Royal Hall / Harrogate International Centre ) been on the big screen at the Odeon, she has grown in confidence and just loves being on stage. She really enjoys acting, dancing and singing - well done ACTAcademy you're always looking to do different things!

                         - Lorraine Quandt

ACTAcademy was a big part of the last few years of training before going onto university. This training was so incredibly key, insightful, academic, inspiring as well as, of course, very entertaining and significantly aided my progression and ability which I took with me to uni. The combination of drama, singing and dance is well balanced and well integrated and the fun elements are grounded with a strong work ethic.     

                           - Laura Dodman

When I first joined I was 16 years old and cried my eyes out and hyperventilated if I sang in front of people. On stage I would shake, fiddle with my hands and run out of lesson if I felt under pressure. Thanks to my training I managed to power through it! I now have learnt so many different techniques on how to raise my confidence or just not let it show.
ACTAcademy is not only a stage school but it is a family! People who are serious about performing arts should join this family for many opportunities and laughs to start their journey!

              - Gemma Childs

I have been with ACTAcademy now for 8 years and I can honestly say that within that time it has completely transformed me as a performer, creator, and person. ACTAcademy gives its pupils the absolute highest standards of teaching, most amazing state of the art studios to train/perform in & numerous chances to pursue incredible & truly unique opportunities to excel in the performing arts. The variety of what we do at ACTAcademy is endless - ranging all the way from working with scripts to devising our own pieces of theatre. From learning dance routines & experimenting with movement to choreographing our own. Even creating our own film treatments to later both perform in and direct and so so much more! The list is endless & everyone is given a voice. I have never come across any drama school or institution like ACTAcademy & I'm grateful every day for being able to be apart of something so special! All I can say is thank you to the set of most inspirational teachers anyone could ask for. I can't recommend the school highly enough! 


                                                                                        - Estela Green